About Us


John Reiser and Earle Morgan established Redding Oil Company in 1939 as a petroleum distributorship.  The company was incorporated in California in 1959 and now is owned by the Reiser family.  Corporate officers include Jack Reiser as President, Doug Reiser as Secretary and Vince Reiser as Chief Financial Officer.  These officers along with Rick Reiser make up the Board of Directors. 

The company is a full line petroleum product distributorship, marketing gasoline, diesel, kerosene, lubricating oils, greases, diesel exhaust fluid (DEF), accessories, and convenience grocery products.  We operate a petroleum product distributorship in Red Bluff under the name "Fisher Oil Company."

The company sells products to commercial, industrial, agricultural, governmental, and other consumer accounts, and through 4 branded retail outlets in Northern California, which are company owned and operated and which also accept fleet cards through the Flyers Energy cardlock network.

The company delivers fuel in 150 – 3,500 gallon quantities to customers with tankwagons based in Red Bluff and Redding.  Flyers Energy took over operation of the Company’s cardlock fuel system and truck/trailer hauling operation in May 2014.

The Redding Oil Company management team includes Jack Reiser as Chief Executive Officer, Vince Reiser as Chief Financial Officer, Doug Reiser as Operations Manager, Chris Reiser as Controller and Manny Harris as Retail Manager.

Since the company was founded in 1939, our basic marketing goal always has been to provide overall customer satisfaction.  We also realize that long-term customer satisfaction cannot be maintained without a good group of conscientious employees.  Our management personnel have been with us an average of 28 years and our local delivery drivers have been with us an average of 26 years.